Chris Baily Solo Show @ The Untitled Space

On July 17, 2014 Artist Chris Baily presented his exhibition of artworks titled “The Sleep of Uncertainty” at The Untitled Space.

About the artist: Chris Baily’s work is a meditation on the passage of time. Baily uses the slow process of painting to capture fleeting moments that we normally experience with our naked eye or the snap of a camera phone. Conversely, in his video painting, he uses the real time quickness of video to evoke the stillness of a moment in a seemingly calm landscape.

Baily’s work is an investigation into powerful human emotions like love, loss, anxiety, wonder and depression. His goal is to use the familiar and beautiful to draw the viewer into a conversation about finding balance and joy within the chaos of modern life. Certain motifs reoccur: migrating birds, wind passing through trees, transitory clouds, ocean waves. They are indicators of time passing, a visual metronome that marks our shared reality. Comprised of looped videos projected onto painted canvas, the video installations take the investigation of stillness, silence and beauty and add moving components. By capturing subtle movements on film and playing them back on his inert painting, Baily is able to achieve an uncanny likeness to the visceral experience of being in a particular moment in nature. For Baily, this is the true definition of depicting stillness: the feeling of time passing while the world remains static.

Chris Baily received a B.F.A. in fine arts with a concentration in painting from Cornell University. While at Cornell, he was a recipient of the David R. Beane prize for excellence in the Fine Arts. Previously, he was a Presidential Scholar, Talent in the Arts awardee, a YoungArts awardee, and a Maryland Distinguished Scholar, Talent in the Arts awardee. In recognition of his work, he was awarded a medal by President Bill Clinton and his work was exhibited at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.





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