Martha Zmpounou

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Zmpounou’s work has been exhibited and published widely in the UK, Sweden, Germany and Greece. Some of her exhibitions in the UK include Artworks open, National Open Art Competition, Jerwood Drawing Price, the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, the Royal Institute of Watercolor Painters, The Sunday Times Watercolor Exhibition, the Royal Society of British artists, The Threadneedle Prize, the Discerning Eye, Modern Panic III, Xhibit, the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize, and AOI’s best of British Illustration Images 35. Her work was selected to be published several times at Aesthetica’s annuals, Creative Works, ArtMaze Magazine, The Untitled Magazine, and Create Magazine.

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“My work revolves around the idea of the human figure and portrait as a space of expression and exposure. I see the human body as a fragmented yet multifaceted entity, an outcome of a process of layering. Working mostly on paper, this layering process is usually expressed with the use of a mix of water-based media, where the artworks are driven forward by the medium’s inherent qualities, its fluid and transparent nature. It is a mode of work that embraces accidental bleeds, unfinished or seemingly underdeveloped areas, next to others meticulously developed in detail.”






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